Olisa believes that sharing insight is the key to being more successful at achieving your business objectives. Our solutions provide more insight by detecting, collecting, analysing and distributing real-time business information from the field. This information should be available to anyone within the organisation in order to achieve optimal results. We make sure this information is made available in an open and flexible cloud-based environment in order to meet the dynamic need for real-time information in a continuously changing world.

Olisa Solutions offers innovative software solutions combined with any type of hardware. We offer specialised applications based on our cloud-based Olisa software platform, such as Fleet Management, Equipment Tracking & Delivery Tracking. In addition, we offer customised solutions based on the same platform, such as Generic Remote Monitoring infrastructures.

Our software infrastructure makes sure any type of information on status and location within an organisation is collected and distributed. The Olisa Platform is based on the vision that insight via real-time business information should be available at any relevant moment, regardless whether this information is to be provided to an individual, a system or a device.