Standard solutions do not solve each and every problem. The Olisa products are based on the Olisa Software platform, which enables you to combine different modules and turn them into perfect solutions to any problem. Find out what Olisa Software Platform can do for your organisation.

The Olisa Platform is based on the very best components available on the market. A major part of the components is based on the renowned Open Source Software used in major organisations such as CERN, Citrix and the BBC, but also by companies such as Marktplaats (the biggest Dutch online trading platform). This way, we are able to realise a custom-made project for significantly lower prices, with a way shorter lead time and a bigger chance for success. The benefits:

  • Open Source. We select the best Open Source frameworks available for our platform.
  • Standard components. The main part of the needed functionality is readily available.
  • Short development cycles. The opportunity to obtain a quick insight into interim results and the possibility of proper communication truly enable your company to be more successful.
  • Different types of licenses. Different types of software are available, from SaaS to Disclosed Source.
  • Proof of concept. A well functioning version within a short amount of time.
  • Experience. Our consultants are very experienced in the field of ICT connected to organisational processes.