Solution partners

Olisa cooperates with Solution Partners; companies that offers the solutions to their end user customers. Our prices are very competitive and we support resellers with a comprehensive partner programme at the same time. Therefore, becoming a Solution Partner is simple and enables you to combine Olisa products and give them your own product name and appearance. On top of that, you are able to add your own feature in order to make them unique.

Olisa is specialised in software and hosting solutions. This is what we do best. We work with a team of ICT specialists. As a reseller you contribute to the product by adding, for instance, first line support, delivery and incorporation of hardware to it.
In case your company is not able or willing to deliver these components, Olisa and its partners are able to provide it to you. The delivery of hardware and the membership fees will make up your income, we will charge you a monthly fee for each tracked object.

Your benefits:

  • Low costs. We do not charge any connection fees, just monthly membership fees and only for the months during which data are actually received. There is no minimum contract period and memberships can be cancelled at any time by giving one months notice.
  • Software as a Service. With our service we want to help you with as many ICT issues as possible. This way, you are able to save on ICT costs and the risks of complex projects will be reduced.
  • White label. Your name will be linked to your products if you like. You are able to choose your own look & feel in order to provide your product with a unique image.
  • Flexible memberships. You are able to make up your own membership by selecting the right features for you. This enables you to adjust our product to the demands of your customers.
  • Hardware independency. We support a large amount of hardware types. Our plug in architecture enables you to connect any device you want.
  • Easy to manage. Wizards and imports make it very easy for you to carry out most tasks, including integrating a new customer, or entering new drivers or vehicles.
  • Product combination. All our products are developed based on the Olisa Platform, which enables you to combine different products. This is one of our best qualities.
  • Seamless integration. The Olisa Platform integrates with dozens of Planning Systems including ARP and TMS. Furthermore, Olisa is experienced in very specific processes such as the salary process. Our flexible Integration Hub also enables a seamless integration of your back office system.
  • Partner tariffs. Any specific demands? Olisa Platform is designed to be extended. We offer very attractive hourly rates. In case the feature can be deployed in many different ways, we are delighted to invest in your demands.

Interested? Contact us for further details.

Click here for the Solution Partner factsheet.