Delivery Tracking

Olisa Delivery Tracking offers up-to-date information on the delivery status of online deliveries. Your customer will be notified just before the delivery has arrived. Your planner is always informed on the situation and knows exactly when a deliverer is ready for a new delivery.

Olisa Delivery Tracking provides you with up-to-date information on the status of your deliveries at any time. It enables you to track the location of your vehicles and to find out how much time they need to arrive at their destination.
In addition, you will be provided with real-time information on the time of delivery and when the deliverer will be available for the next job.

Olisa Delivery Tracking offers you:

  • Seamless integration. Olisa Delivery Tracking integrates perfectly with your own delivery report system.
  • Improved Insight. You will be provided with a better insight into the delivery process and lead times. You are able to adjust the process if necessary and provide your customers with very accurate information on the expected delivery time.
  • Improved service. Inform your customer about the delivery process, for instance just before delivery.
  • Improved performance. Compare and monitor information on your deliveries in order to be able to find out what needs to and can be improved.
  • More efficient rides. Use your favourite navigation app of our mobile solutions in order to improve the efficiency of rides.

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