Olisa Fleet Management provides you with real-time information on the exact location and activities of your vehicles and employees. This enables you to adjust the planning when necessary in case of, for instance, delays or urgent jobs.

Olisa Fleet Management is one of the most extensive Fleet Management products on the market. Nevertheless, the prices are very competitive. Olisa mainly delivers to resellers instead of end user customers.
You also have the opportunity to turn your company into a reseller company! Click here for our partner programme. The flexible setup of the Olisa Fleet Management solution enables you to decide about the combination and the quantity of the modules yourself. This way, the product is suitable for both the top and bottom end of the market.

Examples of the module options:

  • Track reports. The reports provide you with information on ride times and travelled kilometres. These reports can also be submitted as a justification to the tax authorities.
  • Fleet information. All relevant information on your entire fleet will be revealed to you at a glance.
  • Dashboard. Zoom in on a vehicle and all details, such as speed charts, activity diagrams, temperature monitoring and more, will be available.
  • Communication. Real-time contact with your drivers will save telecommunication costs.
  • Temperature monitoring. Monitor the temperature of your goods for justification or set alarms.
  • Fuel information cards. Add information on fuel use to the ride information and limit the use of petrol by your employees.
  • Driver profiling. Compare the driving behaviour of all your drivers in order for them to become aware of it.
  • Activity reports. Use the board computer for an accurate report and be provided with up-to-date information on the activities of your employees at any time.
  • Instructions. Manage your fleet and send instructions to the navigation system of your vehicles.
  • Integration. Improve the quality of the available information needed to run your company by adding it to your IT-systems such as Transport Management Systems (TMS) or salary systems and save on your administration costs.
  • Alarm. Enter what you want to be informed on straight away (driven kilometres or active hours, arrival times, unpermitted usage, etc.).
  • Charterer list. Inform your clients about vehicle details during the periods you work for them.
  • Safety. Activate the dynamic immobiliser and be informed about unacceptable activities.
  • Custom-made solutions. Solutions exclusively adjusted to your organisation that are not included in our standard modules, but provide your company with a competitive edge.

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Click here for the Fleet Management factsheet.